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Ways you can get involved

There are many ways that you can get involved. We are always on the look out for new volunteers, who will fit into our friendly team. How much or little time you can commit will be most welcome.

Foot Teams

We are always happy to have new foot team members, who go out directly in the field to prevent illegal hunting. . Don't worry about fitness, ability, knowledge or experience as non of that is a barrier.  We have experienced team members to learn from.  What's more important is a passion to save foxes, the ability to work as a team and keep a cool head in challenging situations. 


We desperately need drivers to move foot teams around, and keep eyes on the hunt from road.  We need drivers to drive our vehicle, and also owner drivers who are willing to use their own car.  Obviously you'll get your petrol costs covered from our kitty. 

Outreach stall

Talking to members of the public is essential in raising awareness of what goes on, many people believe that because hunting is banned it doesn't happen.  Likewise, communicating directly with members of the public, in the high street etc can result in essential intelligence. Therefore, if you coming out in the field is not for you, but you are good at chatting to people then running one of our outreach stalls would be great

Donate / Fundraiser

We rely on fundraising and donations for our running costs, as well as essential equipment and vehicle maintenance etc. Therefore, any fundraising you do would be much appreciated whether that be a car boot sale, Facebook fundraiser or sponsored event etc


If you would like to get involved from the comfort of your own home we are always looking for p[people to help with admin tasks and social media

Campaign / report

If you witness illegal l hunting report it on 101.  If you see the hunt on land that they should not be on then report them, if you see them trespassing on the railway lines then report them.  Putting pressure on landowners to ban hunts from their land is top priority in the fight against hunting.  If there was no land to hunt on then there'd be no hunting

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