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The Border Hunt Kennels Expose 

 Hunt Investigation Team and Northumberland Hunt Watch Investigation unearthed severe neglect at The Border Hunt Kennels, in Northumberland. 

Investigation funded by Protect The Wild.  


The Border Hunt, are a very small farmers hunt located in a vast and remote part of the North West Northumberland countryside. Hounds are kenneled at the Hunt Master's farm, at Redesmouth near Bellingham. Although the official and unused kennels are at nearby Otterburn.









We received concerning information about the conditions at these kennels. Local residents rang us and reported that they had witnessed squalid conditions and severe neglect at the Redesmouth kennels. We were informed that and the hounds were constantly fighting with one another. This was due to neglect. They requested that we go and investigate, and look for ourselves. Which we did.


One of our team went to check the reports, only to discover  the kennels were in a deplorable and filthy condition. Following confirmation that the reports were accurate  footage was obtained. We also contacted Northumberland Council's animal welfare officer. 


This information, along with further background information, was supplied to our contact at The Hunt Investigation Team. HIT immediately conducted specialist undercover surveillance on the Kennels.  Following an initial visit, which also confirmed reports of neglect, secret cameras were installed nearby and covert footage obtained. This footage was extremly distressing. A number of hounds plus other farm dogs were found to be living in absolute squalor in filthy dirty kennels.







It was winter time and freezing cold, yet the hounds had no provisions to keep warm;  no straw or bedding and only crates to sleep on. Sick and depressed hounds were curled up in the back of their kennels, withdrawn and frightened. The kennel floor was covered in excrement and urine. Hounds were frightened, cold, and underweight. They had filthy dirty water to drink. The Hunt Investigation Team contacted the RSPCA who made an initial visit but not improvements have been made. We then made our second call to the council to be informed that it had peviously been referred to trading Standards.












Footage can be viewed here 


*Image credits

Drone footage: Northumberland Hunt Watch

Covert Kennel footage: Hunt Investigation Team 


 Our team has made a repeat visit to monitor whether any improvements have been made. They found little visible difference in the conditions of either the kennels or the hounds. The kennel floor had been cleared of excrement however, a large pile of it nearby indicated that it had been allowed to mount up before being cleared. A new perimeter fence has been erected along with CCTV and signs. This suggests that the priority is to prevent these conditions being witnessed and further exposed, rather than tackling to unacceptable conditions, and / or employing kennel staff. 








































We will continue to monitor the situation closely. 

We would like to thank everyone who cared enough to report this to us. We would also like to say a big thank you to the very professional Hunt Investigation Team for all their hard work, and to Protect the Wild who for funding this, and other important investigations.

You provide us with the information, and we will make sure that it is acted on, and investigated properly and professionally 

Together we can continue to make a real impact on hunting in Northumberland and make the countryside a safer place for wildlife.

Contact us in confidence with any information no matter how small

TEL:  07375 896463






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