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Information and evidence wanted 
Help solve crimes against us 


Help us get justice

Someone out there can provide the last piece of the jigsaw. The evidence required to bring the  the perpetrators to justice

22nd January 2022

One of our cars, a Vauxhall Zaffirra was parked at Highfield Road, South Shields. It was parked up around 9pm.  Another car, a Corsa was parked at Alverthorpe Street, South Shields.  Approx. 9.30 a car drove to Highfield Motors, a number of people jumped out of their car, smashed up the Zaffira and then drove around to Alverthrope Street and smashed up the Corsa at 10pm before jumping back in their own car waiting car and they were driven away.  

Both cars had all their windows smashed and the tyres slashed. They were both written off. 

A further incident on 23rd January

29th January 2022

The following week they came back and smashed up another vehicle, this time the personal car belonging to the NHW founder, a Toyota Aygo. This was also parked up at Alverthorpe Street, although further up the street. This was the same time at 10pm. 

Again this car had the windows put out and the tyres slashed.

  1. We have witnesses to all of the attacks

  2. We know the car, colour, make and model and have a partial registration plate of the car involved

  3. We have CCTV from a number of streets

  4. We have other information that I can't disclose


Now we need that final piece of the jigsaw that someone out there can provide. 


Less people were involved in the second attack on 29th Janurary, than the previous week. We know how many were involved in each attack, we have descriptions and CCTV footage. Only one male smashed up the car on 29th, we have his description and CCTV. This individual then ran off up the street, and to a waiting vehicle. So a couple of those involved the first attack on 22nd were not involved in the 2nd attack on 29th. This means their involvement is minimal, at this stage, so we urge them to come forward now and contact me in confidence.    


  • We have reason to believe that the Zaffira was found easily due to a tracker placed on the car on a separate occasion. 

  • There is also reason to believe that the individuals who committed this crime are not necessarily the same people as the ones who ordered it.

  • We can plot the distance driven so therefore, a rough idea of the areas where these people will live 

  • Have you been asked to commit these crimes by someone? 

  • Did you witness these crimes?

  • Have you got any CCTV?

  • Do you know who is responsible?

  • Have you heard these people talking about this, and who is responsible?

Don't fear blaming the wrong people. We can easily eliminate the wrong people we just need that extra piece of evidence to get the right people. 

If anyone has any information no matter how small then please contact Lynne, in confidence 

Tel: 07375 896463

Click here to email  

Crime Numbers 

22nd Jan: 008737B/22

22nd Jan: 008830M/22

23rd Jan 009160C/22

29th Jan 011929X/22

Or alternatively contact crimestoppers anonymously 

This was a deliberate and targeted attack on our group we need those responsible caught

We need your help

Please contact us with any information 

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